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Aug 7, 2013 5:00pm EDT
! >> oh! well, i want details. so, where did you two meet? >> paris. >> texas. >> bed and breakfast in paris, texas. >> yeah. >> how long ago? >> two years ago. >> six years ago. what she mean is two years ago, we were living in sin, deep in sin, and edna wanted to get her life right, so we've been living sin-free. she was getting right with jesus. >> oh, well, you two make a handsome couple. >> i tell edna that all the time, especially her mustache when she get it -- ow! [ cellphone ringing ] >> um... oh, that's larry. excuse me. hi, honey. uh-huh. i'm sitting here with edna and her loving husband now. [ laughs ] uh-huh. oh, that's okay. oh, fine, fine. that's fine. [ laughs ] yeah, i'll see you then. bye-bye. oh. >> oh, excuse us. oh. >> oh, that was larry. he -- he can't come. >> really? >> yes. he has to stay overnight in macon to put out some fires. >> he can't make it. >> oh! well, i guess i'll be your houseguest tonight! >> no, no. you can't stay here. now, no. >> why not? >> 'cause the, uh, bugs. we got bugs bad. yeah. they take your shoes and everything. they climb all in your
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1